Poultry projects

Cunardo Poultry Farm is a commercial egg laying hen farm where we use breeder breeds such as Hy line, H&N Nick Brown and Isa Brown. We have an installed capacity of 75,000 birds in production.

Additionally, we have hens that produce creole eggs.

Our production

In the Cunardo farm, eggs are produced with birds free from cage to floor, in which it is not necessary to maintain a controlled environment. As a differentiating factor in our production process, to control the appropriate temperature and generate comfort for the birds that are in production, we only use the environmental conditions, the trees and the other resources that nature provides us. This contributes to the sustainable development of our planet.

  • Sheds 124m long x 12m wide
  • It houses 10,600 birds on the floor
  • Density of 7.5 birds per M2
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-17 at 11.28.50 PM
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-18 at 12.24.07 AM

Our sheds

The construction of the new sheds has been carried out using guadua. Guadua is a woody bamboo that belongs to the grass family, it is considered as a sustainable and renewable resource because it is vegetatively multiplied, that is, it does not need seed to reproduce as it happens with some timber species.

This type of wood has excellent physical-mechanical properties and extraordinary durability. Thanks to its properties, we have managed to improve climatic and temperature conditions inside the sheds. One of our objectives is to manufacture houses with simple and light structures that support the loads we need, as well as provide comfort to the birds inside the house and be friendly with the environment.