Know more about us

Inversiones brothers De Silvestri SAS is a purely family business, dedicated to the agricultural sector. At present, we have three lines of business, livestock, agriculture and poultry. In livestock we are dedicated to the production of pure Gyr cattle and to the production of milk under dual purpose systems of specialized dairy with F1 Gyr x Holstein cattle. In agriculture, we have the lines of fruit, vegetables and aromatic; where today we are in a process of innovation with organic basil, a product that we export as a benchmark for small and medium producers on the Colombian coast, showing that with innovation and technology with little capital we can carry out the business with the best quality in other countries . Regarding poultry, we have commercial egg farms and also peasant chicken farms.

With these three lines of business we work to be a benchmark for other small and medium producers in the country, because in every square centimeter of our land we are producing food for people. We are located in the municipality of Polo nuevo in the department of Atlántico and also in the municipality of Pedraza in the department of Magdalena where we carry out all the production processes.